Elsa Tierney
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MY story

My Austrian aunt had a beautiful collection of very expensive jewellery and when I visited her as a child, the first thing I would say was “treasure!” She would smile, nod & let me rummage through her jewellery box. Combinations of silver and gold, set with wonderful stones would make me dream at night of finding caskets of buried treasure. 

Another early influence were my visits to museums. My parents took me to the V&A, the Natural History Museum and the British Museum and I would stare through the glass cabinets in awe at the Egyptian adornments, trying to figure out how each piece was made and then try to replicate it in copper wire. My mother, an artist herself, would bring home discarded coloured electrical wire, which I would fashion into African style jewellery and sell at my school fairs.

Inspired by jewellery, sculpture and artifacts my designs have a quality reminiscent of lost treasures and each piece is a homage to modern artists such as Tamara De'Lempicka, Brancusi and Man Ray, whilst encompassing my love for Art Deco, Bauhaus and Futurist design. Combining my Fine Art background with traditional jewellery making techniques, I like to create small jewellery sculptures, designed to be exhibited on the body.


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The Process

I love to sit at my bench with a fresh piece of metal or wax and a new design in mind. The process of making is meditative, concentrating on the piece and my mind clear of everyday things. Specializing in wax carving, a practice used for both jewellery making and sculpture and based on an ancient process called Lost Wax Casting, I like to explore different avenues of working with wax, giving me an alternative approach to jewellery making that encompasses my passion for fine art and sculpture. Trained in jewellery making with a degree in Fine Art at Sir John Cass & Guildhall University, I incorporate influences of modern art and combine them with traditional methods of jewellery making.