Elsa Tierney
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Make Your Mark

Ever wondered how its all made? Ever wanted to make your own?

Well why not give it a go with one of my three options in One to One Wax Carving & Metalsmithing or my Made by Ore group classes.

For more details email me at hello@elsatierney.com

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Carve your place in wax

This two day intense one to one class is perfect for those wanting to get into jewellery making and those wanting to broaden their abilities with a little extra insight. Learn about the processes that go into hand carving & casting wax into metal through this ancient practice. This class is personalized to suit your desires, you bring your design and I show you how. Learn how to use different waxes, learn about the process and even how to make your own tools.

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There are so many different approaches to jewellery making and this workshop teaches the fundamentals of working in metal in all its shapes and forms, sheet, wire and soldering with heat.

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Waxcarving tool making

This day class shows you how to make you very own custom tools for wax carving. Making a minimum of 5 individually shaped tools that could take your wax carving to another level, because with the right tools you can do anything!